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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Minimum Wages Earners?

When it is important to society, yes we will pass it along.

Today is Equal Pay Earner Day

Women factually earn $.77 to the male $1.00.  I have read that figure is up from $.59 when President Obama was inaugurated to his first-term. Since the GOP is fighting back on Obama Administration initiatives regarding equal pay, we will (in fairness) state the White House is on the defensive about the $.88 cent to $1.00 female to male ratio among staff. I wonder if the ratio includes the fact more women work in lower level White House administrative positions and the $.88 is the result of averaging? 

If you prefer a look a gender incumbents by occupation, here you go.

minimum wage-01

As President Obama focuses on the importance of raising the minimum wage, check out this infographic that shows how it will impact women. See it and share it (along with all of our best content) on

Raising the minimum wage will help women succeed. Click here to see the full infographic.Go to

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Affordable Care Act Moves Forward!

How many Tea Party repeal ACA votes have Boehner and Cantor held?  (39,40)

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

We thought we would share a White House information email related to the ACA.  You will also find a couple of additional ACA graphics.

The White House, Washington
Hi, everyone --
If you want tangible evidence of the way that the new health care law is already helping ordinary people, it's worth having a conversation with one of the 8.5 million Americans who received rebates from their insurance companies this summer. Just ask the folks who got checks in the mail.

Because of the Affordable Care Act, insurers are required to spend at least 80 percent of premium dollars on medical care, instead of overhead like salaries or advertising. And if an insurance company doesn't meet that standard, it has to provide a rebate to its customers.

It's a really big deal, and we want to make sure everyone understands how it works.

Check out this graphic about health care rebates.


Tara McGuinness
Senior Communications Advisor
The White House


End White House Release