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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Trump's "Bad People"

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Aaron Rupar captured Trump's pre-North Carolina (oozfest) rally on the White House lawn.  We have exerted a segment of Ruperts Twitter thread regarding drug dealers and bad people from the Bahamas.  Recall Trump barred certain Hurricane ravaged victim from entering the US this past week. Watch the Rupar segment and we will get to the actual point of this post.
Trump's Minister of Immigration (figurative title), Cuccinelli embodies and promulgates Trump's core values and the psyche Trump's most recent addition to his team of social regressives.

Question: Do you believe Trump would lay the "drug dealers and bad people" label of immigrants working to escape that once in a lifetime Cat 5 Hurricane which hit Norway. Of course, such a weather system will never hit Norway, but then that isn't the salient issue. You know my point.

Herein is the point of the post. Trump has a deep affinity for all things dictator and international strongman. Let's take a look at a rather long segment of the Rachel Maddow Show to capture a point.

Bad People?

If you think the Maddow segment isn't germane to Trump's penchant for turning his, and the nation's, back on people of color who suffer life-threatening reality, think a bit more about core Trump.

If you are puzzled by Trump's affinity for the likes of Russia Putin and extrapolation of all things Putin, you are of good mental health. 

America we have a problem!

As Trump's World Turns: " I won the popular vote!"

California "admitted" there were "a million" illegal votes in the 2016 presidential election. 
— Donald Trump on Sunday, June 23rd, 2019 in an interview on "Meet the Press"          Pants on Fire!

Do you remember the major lie Trump told MSNBC's Chuck Todd regarding not actually losing the popular vote in 2016?

Yes Donald Trump, you most assuredly lost the popular vote and you became president via a flawed voting system which should be abolished, or as a minimum, update to account for historic slow vote count districts.  

Hillary Clinton was the recipient of the final vote count in 2016: 2.84 million votes more than Trump. 

America we have a problem. Some states are passing legislation which will award that states based on the winner of the popular vote in the state

I digress.   

After running across a Politifact's review of Trump's claim of not losing the popular vote, I thought I would archive a bit of it on The Progressive Influence.  

If you don't wish to expose your self to lying Donald Trump a key portion of the variable is posted below.

Politifact's Text:

Todd: "You didn't like the fact that you lost the popular vote. That bothered you, didn't it?"
Trump: "Well, I think it was a -- I mean, I'll say something that, again, is controversial. There were a lot of votes cast that I don't believe. I look at California."
Todd: "Mr. President." 
Trump: "Excuse me."
Todd: "But that’s a …" 
Trump: "Take a look at Judicial Watch. Take a look at their settlement. California admitted to a million votes. They admitted to a million votes." 
Todd: "A million votes of what?"
Trump: "Take a look at Judicial …
Todd: "What are you talking about?"
Trump: "Judicial Watch made a settlement. There was …" 
Todd: "About what?" 
Trump: "There was much illegal voting." 
President Trump claimed there’s proof to support his repeatedly debunked claim that "serious voter fraud" took place in California during the 2016 presidential election.



Every day we live through the minutes with the ever-resent prospect of yet another Donald Trump lie.  Is this a healthy way to live?  While the question is rhetorical for Americans with rational minds, it is nonetheless a relevant query for those who seemed to have lost their minds via a form of Trump cultism.