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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Lewandowski Visited Congress

We don't often post videos which run more than four minutes. Yesterday marked a day in US History which includes a congressional Presidential Impeachment inquiry.  The first witness called by Committee Chair Nadler was Trump's former campaign manager (prior to his most recent campaign manager the incarcerated felon Paul Manafort). Corey Lewandowski took a perch in front of the inquiry committee hell bet on mocking the process, poked fingers in the eyes of Democrats on the committee and general protecting Trump. 

Poked fingers? Case in point, at one moment during questioning by California's Eric Swalwell, Trump's operative referred to the congressman as "President Swalwell".  Of course, you know Falwell recently withdrew from a campaign for the Democrat 2020 nomination.  At another point, while taking questions about the type of "man he is", he retorted to the member of congress with. "I think I am a good looking man."  Of course, his teenage retort drew a noticeable "that was cute" smirk form one of the women who obviously accompanied him to the hearing. I have little doubt Trump loved the moments prior to the last 30 minutes of the hearing.  

The Trump operative performed well enough in the first 3.5 hours of the hearing to garner praise from Trump. CNN, MSNBC, and other media also questioned the usefulness of Lewandowski as a witness. I actually watched Wolf Blitzer and a panel literally bemoan the  Dem decision to start with the operative. Well, the hearing process ended with a 30 minute set of questions from a skilled lawyer and didn't the operative's dirty skirt show. 

During the half-hour, Trump's operative literally admitted that he previously lied on a cable news show.  If fairness to the committee at least one member of congress from Georgia got Lewandowski to admit,  he was used as a conduit towards obstruction of justice.

The thirty minutes of hell.

A very brief example of my point via Twitter.

Oh boy...

Earlier today Trump's operative sat for an interview with CNN. His credibility as a witness and a facilitator for Trump was ever clear. As clear as Trump's 12,200 plus lies since taking office.  The interview did not go well (only three-plus minutes).

Well, everything Trump touches becomes ashes.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: "Does he look like a "WASP"?

Image result for steve cortes
A small (in spirit) Trump advisory facilitates Trump's creeping racism: Steve Cortes.  

Does he look like a "WASP"?  What does a WASP look like?

It seems Trump and his audience are ever cognizant of the looks of a "WASP".

During last nights Trump ooziest in New Mexico, the nation's president 'went' race with a chief adviser and CNN contributor flag-waver: Steve Cortes.


Hispanic Advisory Council member and prominent Latino pro-Trump commentator Steve Cortes "looks more like a WASP than I do."

He happens to be Hispanic, but I've never quite figured it out because he looks more like a WASP than I do," Trump said.

Talk about pure and utter racism imbued and shrouded and a conferred privilege umbrella of Trump "whitism."

In 2016, Trump offered up another "so-called" minority as a prop for his vastly white audience.

Image result for trump's african american
Gregory Cheadle, Trump Prop


“Oh, look at my African American over here!” Trump exclaimed, pointing at Cheadle. “Look at him! Are you the greatest?”

"Look at him"..... How was that very different than directing a circus audience to Ring Two of the three-ring circus for a look at the visual anomaly. Or, how about directing ticket buyers to that carnival tent with the "wayward black guy?"

Image result for carnival barker selling tickets to african exhibit
PT Barnum, a tent show

Related image
Carnival "freak" show.

"Come right in and see the tent freaks." "Look at them".

We have long posited, everything Trump touches wilts into a heap of smut (Others call it death).

Cheadle today via the Washington Post, linked.  Basically, Trump's African-American has left his beloved GOP to take a run at political office in California.  Question.

"Why in the hell would Cheadle have been a deep-rooted member of the GOP?"  Didn't he notice over his time in the party, his presence was comparable to an orchid in Death Valley Nevada? 

Trump and his supporters seem to fail to understand their utter and pervasive whiteness is manifest in privilege via exhibitions of pointing-out minorities as potential and social trophies.